Will It Hot Dog? with Jimmy Fallon, Rhett & Link (Good Mythical Morning)

Will It Hot Dog? with Jimmy Fallon, Rhett & Link (Good Mythical Morning)

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-Jimmy, as you know,
when you have us on your show, we like to get you
to eat questionable things in the name of science. -So, tonight, it’s time
to ask the age-old question, “Will it hot dog?” -Let’s talk about that. ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -Good mythical morning! -Now, on our show,
we like to see if things will, and since it’s grilling season, the thing
we’re going to find out “if it will” tonight is hot
dogs. -All right, here we go. Guys, what is up first? What will we see
if it will tonight? -Well, have you ever
been out at sea and thought to yourself, “Man,
I could really use a hot dog! -Yes. -So many times.
You have no idea. -Yeah.
Today is your lucky day. -Yeah, yeah. -Sushi.
Will it hot dog? -Okay, okay. -Okay. As you can see,
there’s no wiener. We have replaced
the wiener with sushi. -I gotcha. -We’ve really classed up
the hot dog already. -Yeah, okay, good. It actually looks — It looks beautiful
when you see it. -It does look pretty great.
Classy. -Yeah, it’s very classy.
Absolutely, okay. -We call this raw dog.
[ Laughter ] [ Rim shot ] I just invented the term.
-That is good. -Never applied to anything else. -You even had a little accent
on it, too. -Raw dog.
-Raw dog, yeah. -I typically do not
put ketchup on my sushi, but I also typically do not
put sushi on my hot dog, so… [ Audience groans ] [ Drumming ] -Oh, my God! -Here. You want some ketchup? -No, I always put soy sauce
on my hot dogs, always. -All right.
-Uh… That’s always
what I put on my hot dogs. There’s some soy
for my — for my raw dog. -Let’s dink it and sink it. -Dink it… -Your mustard got on my hot dog. -That’s good.
[ Laughter ] -Here we go.
1, 2… -Oh, look, he already ate it.
-Mmm. ♪♪ [ Audience groans ] [ Laughter ] -I think the ketchup
was a mistake. [ Laughter ] -I think the sushi
was a mistake. -No, no, no. You would think that. I have my answer. -Okay. So, I typically
don’t like sushi, but I’m not gagging. -Yeah. ‘Cause if we do gag,
we all have… -We’re all ready for that. -Our “Will It Barf” buckets. And so, none of us barfed
on this one. -No.
-Will it hot dog? -Yes. -Yeah, I think it will hot dog. [ Cheers and applause ] It will, right?
-Yeah, it did. -Yeah, it totally hot-dogged. -Okay. Typically,
I get a little thirsty when I eat a hot dog,
and what better way to quench that thirst
than with soup. -Soup.
-Will it hot dog? [ Light laughter ] -So, now what we’ve done is — I mean, that just
looks like a wiener, man. -Yeah. -But it —
But it’s full of tomato soup. [ Audience groans ] -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -I’m just getting… I’m just getting…
-No, this is gonna be great. -I’m getting a —
Don’t even hold — Why are you holding it
like that? [ Laughter ]
Put it down. -I’m just demonstrating the lack
of structural integrity. [ Laughter ] -Lack of structural integrity.
Okay. -But that’s not
what this is about, man. -No, no, no. What —
What do we call this hot dog? -We call this
the soup doggie dog. [ Laughter ] -♪ Soup doggie dog ♪ -The dog. -♪ Soup doggie dog –♪ -All right. So, soup doggie dog.
It looks good. -I thought
you were gonna be like… ♪ Sippin’ on gin and soup ♪ -No, no, no.
[ Laughter ] Here we go. Do you want to —
Do we dink? -Let’s dink it. -I don’t know what’s gonna
happen when we bite into this. -It might burst. ♪♪ [ Laughter ] -[ Spits ] [ Laughter and applause ] [ Coughing ] Uh, yeah, I’m —
I’m a texture guy, and that just bummed me out. [ Laughter ]
Uh, no. But I don’t want
to give away my — I don’t want to give away
my answer there. -I wonder, if it was warm — if it was warm,
it’d be different. -If it was warm.
-‘Cause it was cold soup. This is more of a gazpacho. -So let’s just go theoretically.
Will it hot dog? -“No!” is what I say.
-What? -Oh, wait.
We asked, “Will it hot dog?” -You said theoretically yes.
-Yes. -Practically?
-No. [ Laughter ] -No, I’m not confused. All right.
Let’s move on. What’s the only thing better
than underwear you can wear? Underwear you can eat. I’m talking about
edible underwear. -Wait. What?
-Edible underwear. -Will it hot dog? -All right, good. -Okay.
It’s pretty straightforward. We’ve got edible underwear
on the hot dog. [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] -Now, every other time
I’ve enjoyed these… [ Laughter ] …it was more complicated
than this. -Yeah. -I didn’t know
this is what it looked like. [ Laughter ] -Everyone does.
Do we? Mine look like
they’ve been worn. [ Laughter ] Right?
They kind of do, right? -Yeah, we —
We chose those for you. -I appreciate that. -You got to know if they fit.
-Don’t tell me which one, yeah. And now, is the black part
part of the — -Yeah, that’s chocolate. And then there’s — Strawberry is the —
is the floss section. -Really?
Yeah. [ Laughter ] -Don’t call it
“the floss section,” please. Yeah. All right. -You just want to stuff it up — just stuff it all in there,
in the bun. -Just put it all in there. This is edible underwear. And what do we —
What should we call this dog? -Hmm.
I call it the underdog. [ Laughter ] -I’m really
pulling for this one. -No, that’s good.
[ Laughter ] -Okay. -You’re really
pulling for this one, yeah. Youcrackme up.
Get it? All right, here we go.
Dink it, and here we go. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter ] ♪♪ -Man, these things
really hold up! [ Laughter ] -I got a mouthful of bun
right there. -I mean, there’s a lot more
support in this than you realize.
-Yeah. -I have —
I have my answer for this. -Common problem.
-Yeah. -But will it hot dog? -I’m gonna say no.
-No. I say —
-No. -I was enjoying myself
over here. -No, no, no, that is — -Do that on your own time.
-That’s your thing, yeah. -All right, majority rules —
no, it will not hot dog. -Edible underwear will not. This guy still totally…
-Okay. -And finally, for this last one, we’re gonna make
a hot dog for dogs by filling it with dog food. -Dog food.
Will it hot dog? -Mmm.
[ Laughter ] Mmm. Mmm.
[ Laughter ] [ Audience groans ] -What just happened?
What just happened? What just happened? -They just looked at it.
That’s what happened. -Oh, my gosh!
-That’s all. -I can’t even look at it. I’m smelling it.
I’m freaking out right now. I’m smelling it.
It smells like dog food. I love my dog. I’m glad my dog eats food,
but this is not — -In the name of science
and discovery — -Goodness, gracious.
Hold on a second. -But, Jimmy, focus. This is important. If this hot dog — -This is not important.
-If this hot dog — -If this does… -It’s gonna change
people’s culinary habits for — for minutes. [ Laughter ] -All right.
So let’s just think — Again, it’s cold, right?
-Yeah. -So it could be like a chili dog
or something like that, right? -Well, hold on.
[ Audience groans ] Before we eat it, I do think we
have to christen this thing. -Oh, yeah.
What is the name of this one? -How about we call this one, kibbles and…I don’t think
I want to eat this. [ Laughter ] -But we have to.
-We have to. Dink it. [ Audience groans ] [ Cheering ] [ Coughing ]
[ Laughter ] [ Gagging, coughing ] -[ Retches ] -[ Laughing ] ♪♪ -Oh-ho! Wait, wait! [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] [ Cheers and applause ] You did it!
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] At least one of us had to do it.
I’m so glad you did it. Okay.
-Okay. -Oh, my God. -They said it couldn’t be done. -And now we’re saying
it shouldn’t be done. [ Laughter ] -But the operative question is,
will it hot dog? Of course not!
-No! -That was one of the most
disgusting things. [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] The Roots won’t even look at me. The Roots won’t even look at me. Quest won’t even
look at me right now. That was so gross. All right, for just —
just for the record, how many things did —
did hot dog? -Just the first one, right? -Yeah, just the first one
hot-dogged. This last one was a total,
total nightmare. -But now we know.
-Yeah, yeah. -And that’s all that matters. -Yeah, now you don’t
have to do this. -See, that’s why
I love you guys. That’s why you guys exist. My thanks to Rhett and Link. [ Cheers and applause ] Check out
“Good Mythical Morning” every weekday on YouTube.

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