Woman Keeps Rescuing All The Dogs No One Else Wants | The Dodo Heroes

Woman Keeps Rescuing All The Dogs No One Else Wants | The Dodo Heroes

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I’ll pretty much do anything
I possibly can for a dog. I’ve been rescuing dogs
since I was 22. And I started rescuing dogs which
most had behavioral or medical needs. When I first meet a dog, it’s all
about building trust with them, so I take the relationship super
slow and at their pace. And for some dogs that
just means giving them space and letting them be. My goal is to just create a
really calm environment so that they can start to heal
from whatever it is that they’ve been through. And start working on medical and behavioral needs. We just had two people walk by us and instead of barking at them,
he chose to smell the grass which is an excellent choice. It’s my goal to give the more special dogs
the best life that I possibly can. When I go to a shelter, I don’t
want to feel sorry or sad for the dogs, because these dogs have
already had a sad past and I don’t wanna add to that. I drove four hours to go get Freddie and when they first brought her out,
she was wrapped in a blanket. I brought her home. I put her down on the ground
and she was just… so much of her legs and her body were deformed and she was lethargic and so sad, I cried. And I don’t usually cry when I rescue dogs,
but I just started crying. It was a lot of just being patient and
nursing her back to health. And she started to get stronger
and healthier and so happy. And now she’s a different dog. I never would have thought
that she would be this happy. She’s so much more confident. I could watch her for hours. She’s the most joyful little creature
I have ever come in contact with. When I play music and dance around the house
all of the dogs would come join me and dance with me. And they would get so excited. And then Freddie would be hopping up and down
in her bed, which would make me more happy. She loves really soft blankets, so I used
to pile a bunch of soft blankets and she would burrow underneath them
and I would lay on the ground with her. I don’t know that I could really explain
in words how amazing it feels and how fulfilling it is to me
to take care of these dogs. I want to give back to these dogs,
because they bring so much into my life. Those dogs show more gratitude than
I could ever imagine.

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