World’s Craziest Animal Farts

World’s Craziest Animal Farts

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Gas. Flatulence. Butt smoke. The colon’s tuba. A downstair’s sneeze. And.. …the rectal hello. Grab your gas mask because today, we’re talking about farts. Animal farts. It’s possible to use farts to actually communicate. Herring, on the other hand, use farts to say everything. Scientists call it ‘Fast Repetitive Tick’. Yep. FRT. Hey science! Just let scientists say ‘fart’. They obviously want to. Herring aren’t the only toot-talkers. The southern pine beetle also uses farts to communicate. But they use them to bring the family together. Which is the exact opposite to how my uncle Phil uses farts. Female beetle farts contain a pheromone called Frontalin. Science, c’mon – you know that scientists wanna call it ‘fartalin’ or ‘fartaloud’. Why are you holding back the fun?! Moving on, let’s talk about manatees. Or as I like to call them, the hot air balloons of the sea. Y’know how with hot air balloons, you can make it go higher or lower by making or expelling hot air? Well with manatees, it’s the same principle. When these gas guzzlers get bored bobbin’ around on the surface, they rip out a Donald Trump and… [loud fart noises] ..down they go, like a deflated balloon. Ugh, that really ruins my dream of taking a bath with a manatee. Some farts are actually good for you. Maggot farts actually contain antibiotics. Why? Not a clue. But throughout history, people with rotting flesh used maggots to clean their wounds. And guess what? With the spread of antibiotic resistance, flatulent maggots are back on the menu in some parts of Europe. Got a scraped knee? Just slap some maggot fart on there. You got a tummy ache? Just take a whiff of maggot number two. Depression…? I’m sure it can help somehow. Ok, here’s a question for you: Which one of these farts the most? A kangeroo’s farts is what makes them bounce around like that. [fart noise] I’m just kidding. The winner of the most prolific farter goes to… [drum roll] ..termites?! They acutally fart as much as a cow, but think about how big a cow is. That’s almost at least, like, twice the
size of a termite. So good job, termites. You’re the fart kings. [cow speaking] Whatever! [fart noise] But lookout termites, cuz now every hot
windy young insect coming to town, will be coming for your crown. Like the beaded lacewing. The termite’s farting enemy. They don’t fart with you… They fart at you. That’s right – I’m talking about weaponized farts. One lethal larvae fart from
these bad boys can take out 6 termites. The Fitzroy Turtle does one better. Turtles have a cloaca, which is science for ‘MEGA BUTT’. And they use their cloacas to poop, pee and lay eggs. But.. ..they also can actually breathe from their Mega Butts. Did..Did you hear that?! That means that every breath IS a fart. If one of these gets a cold – turtle apocalypse. What’s going on guys – imagine if us humans had to only communicate using FRT. [fart noises from Jabril] [fart noises from Jabril] [fart noises from Jabril] [fart noises from Jabril] Thanks for watching this video. You definitely should check out more. I mean, go ahead, click it, these videos at the bottom here. You never know what could happen.. Honestly, like, a paratrooper could fall into your room and give you a briefcase full of…science.

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