World’s First Cat Lifeguard

World’s First Cat Lifeguard

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(Beautiful beach noises) (Nothing could go wrong on a day like this) Whoa pretty gurl cat! Pretty gurl cat! Me wonder if she have boyfriend. Oh no. Tiny human in trubble! Where pretty gurl cat go? Hmm she luv long hair lifeguard. Ok Michael become lifeguard (but keep same hair). Must get strong. Must get fast. Must get abs. Me no like water! Me just like Patrick Swayze in Point Break. Me saving u! Me saving u! Ooops. Not MY lifeguard. Me must study da professionals. “Take off shirt” “Run slowly” Don’t faint. Don’t faint. Me fainting. Oooh dis chart vry helpful. Wow, this just like chart. Me saving u! Me saving u! Ooops. Annnnddd ur healed! Ooops. Suck it, Jaws! Me did it! Me lifeguard AND doctor. This makin me hungry for fish. Omg it happening… Pls land on sand! Me just like David Hasselhoff! Oops. Me saving u! Me saving u! Pls no slap me! Pls no slap me! Me did it! Hachi machi! Wait! U no understand! Me da unluckiest man alive.

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