Worst Plastic Surgery Fails Ever!

Worst Plastic Surgery Fails Ever!

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Today, we’re going to be looking at plastic surgeries that have gone too far. This is the first person on our list I don’t get it though. Is it a nose job gone wrong her nose looks fine to me Oh how dumb she got her ears lowered. No I’m just kidding clearly her Her massive watermelons she even has it here 100% Fake thank you for telling us so this woman went from a b cup to a z cup which I didn’t even know existed and she is now Europes Biggest boobied woman ever I have a lot of questions though, how do you tie your shoes? How do you even know if you have a bellybutton still I feel like you would just get in the way of things Maybe not maybe could oh, I know what it could get annoying with I bet she steps in dog shit all the time She doesn’t see she can’t see her feet. I don’t think so I don’t think she can see her feet there are probably some Advantages like you could float forever across the ocean I don’t know why you’d ever want to do that Moving on we all know that I like big butts, and I cannot lie, but this woman she got $15,000 of illegal butt injections put into her butt and to her thighs. It’s illegal probably because it’s Unsafe and like why would you spend? $15,000 on something you poop out of Just saying love yourself guys and girls. You don’t you don’t need all this plastic surgery I mean, I’m not judging because you do whatever it makes you happy But you don’t need it this man grew six inches with surgery some people you’re like. Oh cool I don’t have to wear heels anymore, but do you guys understand how painful this surgery is? They have to Break your legs break your arms And then put them back together like and like lengthen them and then you have to deal with Breaking and putting back together until you are your desired height it takes months and months to be done there’s tons of complications, and it’s super expensive it starts at $80,000 I don’t really think all of that is worth six inches people will love you No matter how tall you are and that’s coming from me. I can’t reach high shelf I gotta get my boyfriend to do that this girl got over a hundred Lip injections, it’s a little sad because she was so pretty I mean she still is pretty I make me feel so bad. It’s like there was nothing wrong with her She didn’t need it, but she was trying to look like her favorite character Jessica rabbit which I find ridiculous everybody knows the best character is Pikachu if you’re gonna look like anybody You got to look like pikachu that might be weird too what type of surgery would you need to look like Pikachu like ears up here No, don’t do it now guys I have a touching story for you Then we’re gonna call Brian’s boobs Brian was just a normal man a normal man Living a normal life and one day. He got into an argument with his friend about a boob job and his friend was like I dare you to get breast implants and keep them for one year and if you do, I will give you a $100,000 well everyones surprised Brian went through with it and here’s the picture to prove it So this is the crazy thing too – his friend tried to stop him before he got the surgery done his friends like dude. You’re insane If you need the money that bad don’t do it. I’ll give you half of the money $50,000 here Take it. Brian was like nah. I’m a man of my honour. I made a bet and I’m gonna stick with it, so Brian kept the boobs he rocked them. He looks very happy though He’s like I like him whatever makes Brian happy, but he did get them removed, so I think it was it was just for money What would you guys do for a bet. would you go this far? Getting plastic surgery is one thing getting it from a friend of a friend’s cousin who isn’t really a real doctor Like the video injecting them with a mixture of cement mineral oil and Superglue does this sound safe to you guys does it doesn’t sound safe to me surprise surprise People were getting sick really sick and she was later arrested. Don’t get me wrong I loved playing with action figures dolls toys. When I was a kid But this girl loved it so much that she wanted to become a barbie. She got ribs removed so that you could have a small waist like Barbie can we Talk about how this is probably dangerous how your ribs are there to protect Your organs just say like it’s scary like what it’s like You could like touch your stomach, but like actually feel like your actual stomach inside. Oh The Grossness. I don’t get me wrong she looks hot But it’s not worth the complications and the dangers of it not at all looking hot is not worth your life plus if I’m going to pay like to look like some action figure I don’t have a favor, but it’s probably going to be a transformer like bumble bee. Oh shit There’s more pictures look this is what she used to look like she was so pretty you don’t need this girl You you Rock yourself anyway But I’m never going to touch your stomach that’s for sure remember that fake doctor lady that injected cement into that woman’s butt She did it to more people she even injected into people’s faces She’s like your cheekbones are going to be on fleek, but now this woman has cement in her face forever What were you thinking to be fair? I don’t know what the backstory is but the doctor “doctor” what the hell were you thinking?! why why cement I could literally first of all you shouldn’t inject anything into your Anything if it’s not supposed to go there, but cement I can literally think of like a Hundred better ideas than cement that never wouldn’t even feel the who wants to like touch their face and be like “khu khu khu” Oh or even worse their butt and its rock-hard You’re like “khu khu khu” and like you sit down and like you clink everywhere you go Clink-Clink-clink? This woman got a third boob third boob in the center She’s like I got I got three ummm and she wanted reality ra la laaaagh Reality TV show for this, but then people found out that it was fake, and it wasn’t really implant It was just a prosthetic boob. So it doesn’t count because you can just remove that shit girl No, one’s impressed by your prosthetic third boob this woman got solar surgery in South Korea. They didn’t recognize her anymore They wouldn’t let her pass the border to go home because they’re like that’s not you. This is a stolen passport I don’t blame them though that she doesn’t look anything alike She’s beautiful in both pictures, but now I’m curious Did she ever get home is she home or does she live forever in South Korea? Imagine nobody believed it was you because you got so much plastic surgery. This is some this is some movie shit You know one like you go to like a theme park And there’s those people who drop interest of you into the cartoons well this woman got one done And she loved it so much if she got plastic surgery to look like her caricature Caricatureture you guys know what I’m saying like the drawing she was like I look so fabulous I wanted to be like that in real life. you Do you whatever makes you happy dude This woman wanted an ass like Kim Kardashian’s, and what she got was not only a bigger ass, But a table you can balance stuff on that thing, but she also did it illegally very dangerous But I don’t think she got cement injected so she’s okay her butt has not fallen off yet I hope it never does we will pay for you table butt lady Okay, so this guy wanted to look like Kim Kardashian So he had laser hair removal, so he doesn’t have a beard and and then ey-eyebrows tattooed and lip injections But he had so much lip injections that it started to leak the the injections out which I didn’t even know that was possible And that just sounds like it’s an infection waiting to Happen Kim K She’s pretty hot not hot enough to have collagen leaking out of your lips hot there you have it guys When people took it a little too far and did some stupid shit I love you guys all Youre all beautiful the way you are bye bye!

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