Zoo Animals Toys For Kids – Learn Animal Names

Zoo Animals Toys For Kids – Learn Animal Names

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Welcome to Racetoytime! Hi Guys! It’s Racetoytime! Today I have here a box of new animal figures Okay let’s get started and let’s check them out Here is a clouded leopard, okay let’s open this The clouded leopard is a wild cat which can only be found in Asia And next we have Impala. They are found in Africa Next we have Red Panda. Although they are called Red Pandas, they are considered members of their own unique family Here’s a zebra, and they are found in Africa And here we have a ring tailed Lemur They are found in the island of Madagascar, Africa We have a baby rhinoceros. Oh, this is very cute. It’s sitting down And next we have the Schleich sloth Here is the three toed sloth. They are found in South America and Central America Here is a baby giraffe, or, a calf And next we have a lioness holding her cub Originally they are found in Africa Next, here’s a lesser Kudu Kudu is a forest antelope found in Africa Next we have the animal doctor Here’s an African lioness And next we have Asian elephant And we also have a giraffe in a drinking position Here’s the African wild dog. It’s also known as painted hunting dog And next we have a white lion cub And lastly, here’s… A blue Wildebeest And they are found in Africa Here they are! Here’s the sloth It’s up on the tree The giraffe wants to drink water Here’s the Asian elephant The wildebeest is thirsty Here’s the young giraffe The lesser Kudu wants some water too Also, the zebra And the Impala The baby rhino wants to hang out by the water Here’s a lemur Here comes the white lions And also the African lioness Here’s the red panda up on the tree Here comes the clouded leopard And also here’s the wild African dog Okay, well I hope you guys enjoy this video, And if you do please subscribe to Racetoytime channel, And also click on the bell icon to get notifications every time we upload a video Thank you for watching! Click on those links above to watch more fun videos here at Racetoytime channel Stay tuned! Bye, bye!

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